The Journey is Not Linear

The entire time I’ve been on this weight loss journey, my progress has not been linear. My weight bounced between 2-3 lbs all the way down. Since I weigh myself daily, in the beginning, it was distressing and disheartening. After a while, I started noticing trends based on the things I ate the day or days previously, and it helped me gain an understanding for how my body reacts to certain foods. Now, a year and a half after I started, when I see my weight spike a few pounds, I don’t get upset. I get concerned, but not upset. I know that I need to focus on the food I’m eating, and I know that I just need to stick to my plan, and the weight loss will continue.

I lost my way for a few months. Eating the almond butter and chocolate sweets after dinner and entire sweet potatoes with meats did away with my weight loss for a while. The small amounts of sugar in those items were enough to keep me from making any more progress with my weight loss. Now that I’ve eliminated them, I lost 7 lbs. Even when I go back up 2 lbs in a weekend due to a holiday meal, I’m not worried. I know that it’ll come off in a few days, and I’ll be back to my good progress.

I can remember watching the numbers going up and down and not realizing how much progress I’ve made until I logged a new weight and found I was in a new group of 10’s. My most distinct memory is when I went from the 180’s to the 170’s. I bounced quite a bit in the 180’s, but one day, I weighed 179.6 lbs, and I realized that I’d gotten out of the 180’s just fine. It was a great

If you plan on weighing daily, know that you will see the numbers go up every now and then. What you’re looking for is trends. If the scale goes up three days in a row, then you really need to look at what you’re eating and adjust. But a day or two of increase followed by a decrease? That’s normal. Now, looking at the even bigger picture, if the general trend is going lower and lower, then you’re on the right path. Use the scale as a tool, not as your single indicator of success. There are many, many non-scale factors to consider in your overall health.

2 thoughts on “The Journey is Not Linear

  1. I always find I do better when focusing more on how I feel than the numbers. More energy and less whacked out emotions, headaches and aches and pains have been my true motivators. 🙂

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