Pre-Posting vs Live Posting

31E1329F-I need to be better with this. I have been pre-posting pretty much everything on this blog for the past few months which gives me the flexibility of missing a day or two here and there as life gets busy without missing a day of new content here on However, that sometimes leads to some weird posts that seem out of order compared to my running blog or with previous live-posted entries. Case in point: Tuesday’s post (which is today for me, but last week when this goes live). The post that was published talked about how I had lost 4 lbs and that I ran two days before and would be running again that afternoon. Well, I ran yesterday (in the rain!) and I will not be running today.


I will be making more of an effort to live-blog those things that are immediate and worthy of going out immediately, versus content that is more general and can wait to be pushed out at a later time. This should be seamless to everyone out there, and truth be told, I may be the only person this bothers, but it’s the little things. Attention to detail is a big thing to Marines.

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