Falling off the Paleo Lifestyle and Getting Back In

An amazing Paleo dinner.

I have heard from people sheepishly admit to me that they had fallen off the Paleo wagon. The reasons for these folks vary, but here are a few of the things I’ve heard.

  • Too much stress in their life; stress eating took over.
  • Too much temptation at workplace.
  • Partner/spouse not supportive and eating non-Paleo.
  • Family pressure to eat the same as them.
  • Inability to cut ties with sugar.
  • Inability to get away from eating beans, sweetened drinks, desserts, snacks, candy, etc.

Those are just a few of the things I’ve heard, but they are the most common.

I will never judge anyone for not being Paleo or for even falling off the wagon. We all have our own unique journey in life to travel, and what is best for me and my journey may very well not be the best for anyone else. I don’t know your circumstances, stresses, or pressures. I try to give advice, motivation, and tools to combat the obstacles faced, but I can’t give everyone answers to every situation because for every 100 I can think of, there’s another 100 more I didn’t. Or couldn’t.

We all face struggles. We all have obstacles to defeat, and we have to make decisions as to which obstacles we clear, which we destroy, and which we avoid entirely. Sometimes, it’s overwhelming, and eating well is the obstacle that is avoided. That’s fine, and again, we all make decisions that we feel are in our best interest. If that’s the case, then deal with your other issues and obstacles, defeat them, and then when you’re ready, try again.

Failure doesn’t define you. Everyone fails. What defines you is how you handle the failure. Do you let it rest, or do you get up, brush yourself off, and hit the ground running again? If you’re on this side of the dirt, you’ve got another chance to try again. Use it wisely, learn from your past, and take that knowledge with you and try again.

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