Sometimes, it’s hard to not scream

This is a bit of a rant. I apologize if you feel this is directed towards you. It’s not directed at anyone in particular, but it is something I experience at least weekly.

63B6771D-When I am asked questions about losing weight, eating healthy, or fitness, I always make time for people. I answer all their questions and make sure to offer myself for any additional info, motivation, or pep talks. I do this because I believe that we’ve had so much bad information for so long, someone needs to let people in on the truth about our horrible diet that the government and our education system continues to tell us is healthy.

But then, after spending time with certain people explaining it all to them, answering their questions, and even helping them plan their new diet, I see them doing the exact opposite of what we discussed. I see them continue on with the bad habits as if we’d never talked, never made plans, and they’d never resolved to change their diet.

And then, a little while later, I hear them lamenting to someone else how their new diet hasn’t done anything for them, how what I am doing just isn’t working for them, and how their body must be completely different from mine.

It’s maddening, and sometimes I want to scream.

No, it probably has nothing to do with the cinnamon rolls you had for breakfast. Probably nothing to do with the fried chicken you ate at lunch with the rolls and potato salad. Definitely nothing to do with the Big Mac you ate for dinner.

I know. People sometimes need a few starts to get going. It’s hard to quit sugar, and not everyone has the strength to get past the initial shock of leaving sugar and bad foods behind. That’s what I keep telling myself: I had a hard time in the beginning.

So, as frustrating as it can be to see you eating your unhealthy food, I’m still in your corner. I’m here hoping you find the strength to persevere and make the changes that will improve the quality of your life, and yes, even help you lose weight. I see it as if someone were bleeding to death and I handed them a tourniquet and instructions on how to use it and the person continued to sit there and watch themselves bleed out. I guess getting rid of sugar, grains, and dairy can be a pretty big shock to the system, but you have weight to lose and a whole new life to gain!

3 thoughts on “Sometimes, it’s hard to not scream

  1. I went through that so much when I was loosing weight. They kept asking and I kept telling them and they kept going on with what they were doing. It is like working with addicts. Which we really are at times. They won’t do anything until they hit rock bottom and have had enough. Taking that first step it the hardest. I just tell people to write a list of all the bad habits that they want to change and then take on one a week and replace with a good habit. If you break it down, it is not so overwhelming. It take 21 days to form a habit. Just keep being you and don’t get discouraged. Just tell them what plan your doing and have them look it up and when serious get with you for help and encouragement.

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    1. Good points, and good ideas! I definitely agree about the addiction part; I was (and still am, I guess) addicted to sugar, pasta, pizza, and all kinds of other bad things. lol. It’s why I avoid them as much as possible.


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