Paleo|f(x) 2017

Sherry and me at Paleo|f(x) last year

We’re going.

I can’t wait!

It’s coming up next weekend in Austin, TX, and this time, we’re going with our friends Kenny and Elaine. Sherry and I went last year, and we had a blast! We not only learned some new things about Paleo, but we found countless food products, ingredients, and even toothpaste that fit into our Paleo lifestyle. I ate a lot of food that day and bought a lot of stuff to take with us. Many of those things have found their way into our daily lives (I’m looking at you, The Dirt!) and I look forward to buying more of some other items we enjoyed last time and stocked up on.

We may also sit in on some panels if we have time and if they are interesting. To us, the best part was finding foods we could eat without sabotaging our lifestyle and health and the many sources of ingredients and products that are available but sometimes difficult to find. Fortunately, as the Paleo Diet gains popularity and momentum, products are getting easier to find. Paleo|f(x) is definitely going to be fun, and I look forward to posting photos and reviews of products we find there this coming weekend!

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