Happy Birthday to my Sister!

One of my biggest inspirations in health has been my sister. She has been into fitness for a long time now, and has always been the model of health and fitness to me and everyone in the family. She regularly participates in Spartan runs, mud runs, fun runs, 5k’s, and all kinds of other runs. In the past few years, she’s even gotten involved with body building and has won some awards!

This girl is only 2 years younger than me!!!

I hope one day she and I can do some of these runs together. I won’t be doing any body building contests, but running? I can do that! We used to do lots of stuff together as kids; it’d be nice to do so again as adults.

I wish her a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and many more years of health and fitness!

She doesn’t just look good; she hits harder than a Mack truck, too!

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