This one will be a tough pill to swallow

This is for those who are overweight. If you are already at your ideal weight, you should probably skip this blog post. 

I’m not going to sugarcoat it. I’m not going to say it nicely. I’m going to come right out and say what you already know: you’re fat and you need to lose weight. That’s why you’re here. That’s why you searched out this blog, and it’s why you are reading.

If you are offended, then you’re not ready to change. You are in denial, and you won’t succeed. If you don’t like that, too bad, snowflake. I’m not here to coddle you, shower you with kindness, and hold your delicate ego while you make empty gestures in an attempt to lose weight so you can say you’re working, “So hard” to lose the weight while really not doing anything that resembles work. Don’t waste my time, and more importantly, don’t waste your own.

You didn’t get fat in a day, and you won’t lose it all in a day. Or a week. Or even a month. It will take a long time, and it will take some serious effort. I’m not talking about effort in the gym. Anyone can go to a gym, and many do for years without losing weight. I’m talking about effort over your mind, over your own desires and cravings. You will have to conquer the greatest enemy you’ve ever faced: yourself.

You have to wean yourself off sugar. That means nothing with added sugar, grains, dairy, legumes, and artificial sweeteners. Yes, even alcohol. If that’s too much for you, go away. You will fail, and I won’t be part of that.

You have to do it cold turkey. “Moderation” is a myth and, to be frank, complete bullshit. If you could have ever exercised moderation, you would have done so already and you wouldn’t be fat.

I don’t judge you for being fat. I was fat, and I was okay with it for a long time. Until I wasn’t. Then, I did something about it. If you’re still reading after everything I’ve said, then it seems you’re ready to do something about it too.

Feel angry? Embarrassed? Upset? USE THAT ENERGY TO DO WHAT YOU NEED TO DO TO LOSE WEIGHT AND GET HEALTHY! Go to Read it. Read it again. Then, DO IT. It’s simple. I didn’t say it was easy because it’s not. The first 3-7 days will be the most hellish experience you will likely ever face. But once on the other side of it, you will feel better than you probably have in your entire life, and things will change for the better.

Got questions? Need help? Want to talk? Let me know! I’m here to help. And I promise, I’m much nicer than this post makes me sound. It’s just that breaking through the shell of denial sometimes requires blunt force (hence this post).

2 thoughts on “This one will be a tough pill to swallow

  1. Hi
    Thanks for your blog.
    I am an ex cop and soldier in the UK.
    I went Cold Turkey off an antidepressant in 2014 and ended up poly drugged. I am slowly tapering off now.
    The meds really play havoc with appetite. I know, I didn’t believe it either til I took them. Metabolic syndrome is common on these meds. I have managed to lose 8 lbs so far but have to weigh my food to make sure I eat enough as I get faulty hunger signals due to meds.
    Currently 218 lbs. target 175 lbs.
    Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
    I am familiar with paleo and marks daily apple.

    Today having eaten lunch
    Fat 55 g carbs 36 protein 45g calories 800
    All carbs from veggies.



    1. Hi Jim! Welcome! It’s amazing what some of the side effects are of some of the most beneficial medications; some of them quite detrimental! Something you may want to look into is the ketogenic diet, aka keto. It is a high fat/low carb diet that I have done a lot of reading into, and it’s actually used by doctors to treat people with epilepsy to reduce the severity of their seizures. Incidentally, it turns out that it also forces your body to use the fat in the body for energy instead of glycogen in the blood, but getting into ketosis (not to be confused with ketoacidosis which is bad) can be tricky. I have done very well on the Paleo diet without having to count any of my macros, but I’m not dealing with the same issues you are. Are the faulty signals you get that you are always hungry, or not hungry enough? Personally, I’ve found that I’ve been able to all but eliminate any cravings for food by severely limiting the amount of fruits I eat. Even the sugar in fruit activates my cravings. I try to stay under 15g of sugar/carbs a day which includes sugars from vegetables. Whole30 was what got me started and taught me a lot about the content of foods. I recommend taking a look if you haven’t done so already!


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