Some things to consider if you’re a parent

What you are teaching your kids to eat now is what they will eat for the rest of their lives. If you feed them foods high in carbs (sugar), they will continue to eat these foods for ever. The generation of children being born today is the first generation in the history of the United States to have a lower life expectancy than their parents. Think about that. The reason? Sugar.

In 1980, there were no cases of Type 2 Diabetes diagnosed in adolescents. Back then, Type 2 Diabetes was known as Adult Onset Diabetes. By 2010, over 52,000 adolescents were diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, and that number is expected to climb five-fold by 2020. What’s changed? With the low-fat craze, food manufacturers replaced fat with sugar to make the foods delicious. The sugar lobby paid for studies and politicians to declare that sugar isn’t the enemy.

Over 80% of all food prepared and sold in grocery stores in the United States have sugar added to them. The crazy part is that the Government’s Nutrition Guidelines tell us that low-fat and carbs are good for us, ignoring the biology of how our bodies work. When we ingest sugar, our liver works to turn that into energy for our bodies. When the body detects that the sugar content in the blood is too high, the pancreas releases insulin which is pumped into the liver to store the excess sugar. That’s why so many people today (myself included) suffer from fatty liver. Fortunately for me, I no longer have fatty liver, but when I was heavy, I did.

Eating fat does not make you fat. Let me write that again. Eating fat does not make you fat. Eating carbs and sugar makes you fat. Our bodies reject excess ingested fat by passing it right through us. That’s why you get the runs when you eat lots of greasy food. I’m not saying fried foods are good for you, but bacon fat and other natural fats like fish oil are not only not bad, but in the case of fish oil, extremely beneficial. Remember when the government used to tell us that eggs were bad for us? It turns out that they are the perfect food; one of the most nutritious things you could eat.

Look at the companies that own the baby formula brands. Nestle. Kraft. These companies have a vested interest in putting sugar into baby formula; they are making future sugar junkies. Since sugar is 8 times more addictive than cocaine, it only makes sense to start them out young. Here’s something damning about the entire thing: insurance companies are the largest institutional shareholders of fast food companies. Think about that for a while.

Sugar is bad for you. It’s bad for your body, and especially your liver. Sugar is a toxin to humans. Sure, it happens to taste amazing, but apparently, antifreeze tastes amazing to dogs, too.

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