Paleo|f(x) 2017

Sherry and I attended our second Paleo|f(x) and we had a great time. Once again, we scouted the floor for new Paleo products and sampled many of them. We didn’t stay for any of the panels. We went with friends Kenny and Elaine, and we enjoyed introducing them to some of our favorites from last year and discovering new foods and treats that we will be enjoying in the coming year.

Some of our old favorites (Muffin Else, RX Bars, Bubba’s, Epic, DNX) were there, and we purchased a lot from them and there were also some new products we’re currently in the process of sampling and evaluating.

I recommend Paleo|f(x) for anyone on the Paleo Diet and looking to discover new treats, snacks, drinks, foods, and products that are Paleo certified and good for you. I know our kitchen pantry is now full of good, healthy snacks for those rare times when you just need something to get through to the next meal. My backpack that I carry to work with me also has a sampling of snacks to help me get through in the event I miss a lunch or had too small of a previous meal to make it to the next one comfortably.

Make plans for Paleo|f(x) 2018. I’ll be there with Sherry. We hope to see you there!

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