The love of tasty food


I, like (I think) everyone else on the planet, love tasty food. It’s built into our brains:

  1. If low on energy, acquire tasty food
  2. Get nourished
  3. Repeat when low on energy

The problem with our modern times is that the vast majority of our food is engineered to be especially tasty and is (for most of us reading this blog) very easily acquired. That means that we don’t expend the same amount of energy we used to acquiring the food we used to fuel ourselves. This is a part of Paleo that also makes a lot of sense to me: we need to expend energy daily to offset the intake of calories.

On the days I don’t run (which right now is every other day), I tend to eat a little less. On the days I run, I eat a little more. What doesn’t change, however, is the food itself; it has to be delicious and filling. Fortunately for me, Sherry has taken on the duties as our chef, and she finds some of the most amazing foods to make and for us to eat.

I never stopped loving food. I still love pasta, pizza, bread (oooooh, sour dough, I’m looking at you!), and chocolate mousse. However, I’ve learned to live without daily, weekly, or even monthly exposure to those foods. I may have each of those once a year or less, and you know what? Somehow, I’m perfectly okay with it. I’ve survived.

How did I learn to live without pizza? I learned to love other foods that are just as delicious but better for me, my body, and my health. I eat a lot more steak now. Brisket, pulled pork, sausage, smoked chicken, and vegetables like asparagus and Brussels sprouts have come into my weekly diet.

You can be a foodie and be on the Paleo Diet. It’s easy! Heck, there are so many amazing recipes and foods available that you’ll exhaust hours finding and pinning them all (I know my wife does!).

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