Getting through a Drill Weekend as a Paleo Marine

I’m in the National Guard, and the military is known for it’s high-carb/high calorie foods. Even the food they serve us in the dining facilities (affectionately known as D-FAC’s, or “Defacts”) is very unhealthy for us. The military is typically at least 20 years behind in nutrition science, and they still believe that whole grains and low-fat are better for us than whole vegetables and meats. The last lunch I had on drill weekend was two slices of ham lunch meat and two apples. Everything else was carb-heavy and I just wasn’t willing to eat it.

To get through, I usually take some RX Bars with me in my ruck to drill. This allows me to eat one late morning, one at lunch time, and one in the mid-afternoon to keep my energy levels good. It also gives me freedom from having to eat food that is not good for me.

I also take some other Paleo snacks with me to eat either at lunch time or throughout the day, as necessary. This drill, however, I’m on a Whole30, so the challenge will be to eat something Whole30 compliant. My plan is to take some food with me. While the RX Bars are not technically allowed, they may be my only option. I may also take some smoked meat and some dried fruit or vegetable. I haven’t yet decided.

I edited the above because RX Bars are very Whole30 compliant. On top of that, there are a host of Whole30 compliant snacks I was unaware of until my wife emailed me the list. You can find these items on the Whole30 website.

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