How Hard Was It To Lose 110 lbs in 12 Months?

bigejwine20142017I’ll be brutally honest (because I am nothing but honest when I talk about health and fitness): it wasn’t that hard. It wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t that hard, either.

The plan is simple enough. Avoid sugar, artificial sweetener, grains, legumes, dairy, and soy. The execution of the plan is easy enough, too: just eat meat, vegetables, and some fruit. Nuts are good for snacks in-between meals if you’re delayed (at least they’ve worked well for my wife and me).

What people perceive as difficult is no longer eating foods that are bad for you: bread, pizza, pasta, sweets, rice, beans, kolaches, etc. People focus a lot on the foods they can no longer eat, and they tend to fixate on that point. They fixate on it too much, in my opinion.

Was it hard? No. Was it easy? No. Is it do-able? Absolutely. Tomorrow’s post will go into the steps it takes to be successful in adopting a Paleo Diet and lifestyle.

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