End of the third Whole30

Yesterday marked the end of our third Whole30. The first Whole30 Sherry and I did was back in 2015. We started it in September, and it kicked off our healthy lifestyle and a weight loss of 150 lbs for me. We transitioned from Whole30 into the Paleo Diet, and it’s been our lifestyle ever since. We started a second Whole30 about six months later, but it didn’t last the duration. I don’t remember why, but for whatever reason, we fell off. It wasn’t such a big deal because we were well aware of the food rules, how to eat, what to eat, and we were continuing to make good progress in our health and weight loss.

About two or three months ago, Sherry told me she wanted to do another Whole30. She said that she had picked up some bad habits such as relying on snacks, desserts, and increased portion sizes in her meals coupled with a slight weight gain and inability to fit into some of her newer, smaller dresses. I agreed to do this Whole30 with her for a few reasons I’ve discussed earlier in blog posts a while back: solidarity, and a desire for me to lose a final few pounds to get to my final goal. Well, I’m happy to announce that I’m now firmly at and past my goal weight. I got down to 162.9 lbs, although my actual weight right now is hovering around 164 lbs. The reasons for this have more to do with muscle mass as my body fat ratio is around 10.5% as evidenced by my abs showing. From everything I’ve read, your abs only show when you’re around 10-11% body fat percentage or lower. There are some days they show better than others, especially after my runs, but I’m very happy with my body composition right now and with my weight. I fit into 31” trousers comfortably, and I can easily wear US small and medium or Europe M/L sized shirts.

Did I learn anything this time around on the Whole30? Not really. I learned what I needed to learn the first time through, but this time it kept me off of some sugars I would have likely eaten, even if they were Paleo-approved. It turns out that even the “Good” carbs can cause me to hold onto water weight or cause me to gain a little weight. Having done this last Whole30 coupled with the running and push ups I do regularly has really been a boon to my weight loss, and put me exactly where I want to be.

What’s next for Sherry and me? More of the same. We won’t be changing much up, although I will now have a little more freedom to eat a Paleo cookie after dinner if I really want one. Being an active runner forces me to eat some carbs, more than I normally would, after runs to help rebuild my muscles, so I will have a little more leeway to do that now. Since I weigh myself daily, I will continue to monitor my weight and analyze the previous day’s food intake and its effect on my body. I know that weight is but a single measure among a host of data points I use to analyze my overall health and fitness, and it’s difficult sometimes to reconcile a little weight gain with a smaller waist size, increased fitness performance, and reduction in body fat percentage. However, when analyzing the overall picture, I continue to make progress and I am surprised almost daily with at least one win in any given area. That’s huge.

Don’t underestimate what a Whole30 can do for you. I know a few people who are starting their own Whole30 soon, and I wish them luck and any help or advice they are looking for. I’m here for you! Don’t be shy; message me, PM me, or email me. Heck, if you have my number, text or call! I want to help you be as successful on your Whole30 as I was on mine. It really is a life-changer if you stick to it properly.

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