Saying no is easier than you think (and it gets easier the more you do it)

In our society, we have an aversion to saying no to things. We are a polite people (well, most of us want to be, at least) and when we are offered food or drink, we naturally thank the person and accept whatever it is they are giving us. We don’t want to be rude, after all. This is something I had to get past when I did my first Whole30. I was being offered drinks and food at every social gathering, and at first, it was uncomfortable. I would begin to tell them about the changes I’m making in my diet, why I’m doing it, and how I can’t have the item they were offering me. The first few times were the worst. But then something strange happened. Not only did it get better, but people weren’t offended.

Now, I just smile and say, “No thanks.” If they show any hint of disappointment, I add, “But that does look amazing.” Only then will I add anything about my diet and how I can only eat certain foods. So far, everyone has understood 100% of the time and I have received no backlash. Sure, some people kid and tell me that I’m missing out, and I agree with them to a certain degree, but ultimately, my health is more important than a sweet snack.

Smile and say no. It works, it’s easy, and it will keep you on the right track. It works for me, and surprisingly, people are quite understanding about it.

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