Never Give Up! Never Surrender!

My kids loved the movie Galaxy Quest, and one of the quotes from that movie they would recite over and over was, “Never give up! Never surrender!” It was sort of their battle cry when playing games, running around, or doing something difficult.

When I talk to people who have tried Whole30 or Paleo and gave up, many said, “It was just too hard.” When I asked them what was hard about it, among the many answers was a common thread: “I couldn’t make it past the snack cravings”

I get it. Kicking the sugar dragon is hard. It’s very hard. But none of us are perfect. From time to time, we slip and fall. It’s up to us to dust ourselves off, get back up, and try again. To be successful at anything, you’re going to fail. What separates you from those who never succeed is getting back up and trying again.

So you did a Whole30 and didn’t make it to the end. That’s okay. Try again. You started the Paleo Diet but fell off, either in one fell swoop or gradually. That’s okay, too. Just get back up on that horse and ride it to success! There is no rule, real, imaginary, or otherwise that says you only get one chance to try to succeed at getting healthy. I failed many times before I found Whole30 and Paleo. My second Whole30 ended prematurely; and that’s even after I did one and was Paleo for over six months!

Never give up! Never surrender! Don’t let the carbs and the sugar win! Take back your health, lose that weight, and get back into shape! You can do this.

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