Yesterday’s Food Log

Every now and then, I keep a log of the food I eat during the day to benefit those who are interested in what I eat on the Paleo Diet. Bear in mind that this is the same diet I ate while losing 150 lbs. The best part: I’m now maintaining nicely on the exact same diet of filling, delicious, and nutritious food!


Pulled pork, apple, and egg casserole and coffee


Paleo “Inside Out Egg Rolls” and coffee


Paleo Blueberry and Meat Breakfast Muffins, sautéed zucchini, sweet potato salad, and Paleo brownies with blueberries (as a dessert) with a glass of water

I ran yesterday, so I not only was able to add a dessert to my dinner, but I needed to get some carbs in me to help my muscles heal up after today’s brutal run. It was very hot out, and my legs really struggled in the heat. They definitely were burning when I was done, something I don’t like to feel. Were it a non-running day, I would have skipped the brownies.


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