Achievement unlocked: 30” trousers

It’s been a strange trip from a 46” waist to a 30” waist. I think the longest I stayed at a waist size was about 6 months, and that was at 32. Recently, I started noticing that although my weight is hovering between 163 and 167 lbs, my waist size has declined. My 32’s were getting baggy when I tightened my belt to hold my pants up comfortably. Sherry bought me some 30” waist trousers and I bought two pairs of jeans that had 30” waists. What I discovered was two things: most of those 30” trousers fit, but two did not. Why? Because it seems that even among identical pants (I’m looking at you, Levi’s), there are variations in how the material is cut and sewn. I have two pairs of 505’s that are both marked 30-30, yet only one of them fits while the other is more like a 29”.

Regardless: I have trousers that now fit me properly, and the size: 30’s. This is a big deal for me as I haven’t been in 30’s since I was 22 when I was a Corporal 28 years ago. Wow.

This is yet another reminder to me that just because the scale isn’t moving, or sometimes appears to move in the wrong direction, I’m still making progress in my health and fitness. I have less bulk and the skin continues to shrink up around my waist. I am getting more and more muscle definition in my arms, legs, and core, and my son tells me my back looks pretty awesome. Don’t rely on the scale for your happiness in your health status. It’s a good measure to use, but not to use as a sole source.

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