The Scale No Longer Matters

I reached an important decision this morning; I no longer care what the scale says. My body fat is typically around ~10% which is pretty darned good. There is no visible fat on me anywhere; just skin, and even that is getting thinner as time goes by. I am very fit by anyone’s standards, and my weight at this point is holding steady between 165 lbs and 167 lbs consistently. Even if I eat a bit too much, or non-Paleo foods, it stays right between 165 lbs and 167 lbs.

What I have also found is that my trousers fit great. Whether my weight goes up a little or not, they fit perfectly. And honestly, I don’t want to get thinner. If I do, I’ll have to start shopping for clothing in the Young Men’s departments because I would have shrunk myself out of men’s clothing.

On top of that, I am both healthy and fit now. My doctors, the National Guard, and everyone who knows me and has seen me in my Speedos has told me that I don’t need to lose anymore weight. I didn’t listen, and I didn’t agree with them before, but like I said, I had that, “A-ha!” moment this morning. As I looked at my abs in the mirror and I could see the muscles working under my skin, I realized that I am trim. There’s no fat for me to lose. At this point, I’m nearly all muscle with a healthy amount of fat to get me through the day. To lose any more would be unhealthy.

I will continue to weigh myself every morning, and after every run. It’s a data point I will continue to use to gauge my overall health, but it is no longer near the top of the list of importance. It has fallen right down to the bottom of the list and is now nothing more than a barometer. If I see a trend of increasing weight, I will analyze why and adjust, but only if.

You know what? It feels good to wave goodbye to the scale.

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