When People Tell Me My Diet is a Fad or Dangerous

This past weekend, I was engaged by someone online who said they were, “Worried for me and my health.” Being that it was someone I’ve known for a long time, I humored them and listened to their concern. “The diet you are eating is not good. You need to eat grains. It’s one of the major food groups! You can’t be healthy and not eat from all the food groups. Also, you eat so much bacon! It’s going to kill you! You should be eating low-fat turkey bacon if you can’t stop eating bacon.” I’ve discussed in previous articles why this is all such bad information, but I’ll hit the main points now.

“You need to eat grains.” No I don’t. They are super-dense in carbohydrates and anti-nutrients.

“It’s one of the major food groups!” The entire food groups concept has been disproven time and time again. We don’t need to eat from every food group to be healthy.

“You eat so much bacon! You should be eating low-fat turkey bacon…” I do eat a lot of bacon, but I do it because it’s good for me. Low-fat is one of the worst ideas presented to us in the history of nutritional science and is regularly being disproven as a concept. Even saturated fats are being seen as not being harmful in many studies. Soon, you will see a turn-around in what is considered healthy and what is considered unhealthy.

I asked the person, who is obese, what they have done to lose weight. They told me that they’ve lost over 100 lbs eating low-fat and counting calories, but were it not for a few setbacks, they’d have kept it off. I asked what these setbacks were, but my questions were left unanswered. I countered with this: “I am going to say something with the utmost respect, and I mean nothing by it, but my diet has allowed me to lose 110 lbs in 12 months and 150 lbs overall within 20 months. I’ve kept my weight off for over a year after losing 100 lbs. I did that through cutting added sugars, grains, soy, and dairy. It works. I did all that without exercise and without starving myself. On the other hand, you’ve been on countless diets, using countless diet products, have done exercise plan after exercise plan, and yet you are still the same weight after how many years?” Fortunately, they weren’t insulted and answered with this: “I just don’t think the way you lost weight is healthy. You lost weight too fast. You probably have a bunch of skin hanging off your body which is a sign you lost weight too fast.” I sent them this photo:

Not too bad for a 50 year-old guy who used to weigh 312 lbs less than two years ago!

No real skin hanging off me there: just some extra skin on my sides, but nothing alarming. As far as I’m concerned, this is a great improvement over the belly I used to have when I weighed 312 lbs, and considering the amount of skin it took to cover that big belly, this looks GREAT.

They said that I’m just lucky, and that my genetics allow me to lose weight quickly and easily while everyone else has to struggle and work at it. They further told me it’s impossible to lose any weight without exercise. Again, I reminded them that I did no exercise for the first 12 months of my weight loss, but was met with, “Yeah, you’re not normal, though. Us normal people can’t do what you did.”


Everyone can do what I did. What I did is what happens when a normal person eats clean, whole, healthy foods. Cut out the added sugar. Cut out the grains. Cut out the soy. Cut out the dairy. You WILL lose weight, and you will do it without hunger, cravings, or having to exercise like a madman or madwoman.

My point here is not to make anyone feel bad or to make myself appear superior. To the contrary: I’m just a regular guy who lost a lot of weight through a very simple plan. I’m not implying it’s easy, because it took a lot of determination, motivation, and perseverance to get it done. But anyone can do what I did and get the same results. It just takes discipline. Respect yourself and get it done without cheating. The results are SO worth it!

2 thoughts on “When People Tell Me My Diet is a Fad or Dangerous

  1. Makes sense to me! I just had a nutritionist (online) tell me that i should not be excluding dairy or any other food groups because I’ll miss out on certain nutrients and that it’s dangerous to experiment with my health… lol I can only imagine that you get a lot more messages like that about diet because of your journey. I feel better without dairy though so I think it’s fine for me. I’m glad that you aren’t phased by messages like the one you got :)) all of your weight loss (& keeping it off) is very impressive!

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  2. I say whatever works for you and makes you happy and healthy is the way to go. Everyone is different. The way you eat is very healthy and makes a lot of sense. Mentally, I’m not a in place where cutting out entire food groups is possible for me, but hopefully one day I will work through my issues and get there. I know I’m addicted to sugar. That much is obvious. I like that you talk about the process of cutting sugar and how it is similar to drug withdrawal. Let’s be honest, sugar is a drug. It’s just not illegal!

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