Weight is up a lot after a weekend of unavoidable food

Ugh. I hate Monday mornings after weekends full of celebrations and non-Paleo food. My weight is up to 171 lbs. Wow. Back in the 170’s. Now, I know: it’s mostly water weight again. I also haven’t had a bowel movement since Friday, so there’s that. But still, psychologically, it’s tough to deal with. It’s literally a weight on my conscience that I can’t shake.

I know that after I run tonight, 2-3 lbs of it will go away. By the end of the week, the other 2-3 lbs should be gone, as I will be eating perfect portions and foods. Except Friday night, which is my son’s birthday. And then there’s my National Guard Annual Training the very next day which will last two weeks.

Our weight fluctuates. It will go up and down naturally. The trick is to keep it within a certain range. Right now, I’m out of what I consider to be a comfortable range, and my range has been creeping up since doing the Whole30. I know why this is: Sherry made sweets that I’ve been eating. I also eat a lot more sweet potato again. I need to cut these out; they always cause my weight to go up.

Don’t get disheartened when the scale goes up. Use it as a guide to remind you to keep at it, keep working, keep paying attention, and stay vigilant. I see it as a challenge, and CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

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