Desserts on Run Days

On the days that I run, especially if it’s been a really tough or hard run, I allow myself to have a Paleo dessert. Today, after a really hot and tough run, I had a piece of blueberry and chocolate brownies that Sherry made. One part of me feels that twinge of guilt for eating something sweet and decadent while the other part of me says, “Dude. Chill out. It’s just a Paleo brownie, and you ran a lot of calories. Your body needs the carbs to help the muscles heal up anyway.” And so it is; I actually need the carbs after a run.

One of the things I struggle with as a Paleo athlete is the lack of carbs in my diet. Well, I shouldn’t say lack of carbs. It’s more like the lack of a lot of carbs in my diet. I do have carbs, but not in large amounts. That’s because I only run three times a week. If I were to up that to five times a week, I could likely get away with a lot more, but I don’t think my joints, tendons, and ligaments could put up with that kind of abuse. At least, not yet.

So, I enjoyed the heck out of that brownie. The blueberries were thick and flavorful, and the brownies moist and delicious. I’m glad I ran today; it gave me a reason to have a little treat after dinner without all the guilt (just a little bit, and I’m working on that).

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