I’m not selling anything.


I don’t endorse or sell any pills, powders, patches, products, paid programs, or procedures to lose weight. I am not profiting from the advice I am giving here.While  I am writing a book about my journey and how I lost over 150 lbs and kept it off (which is not complete), do not sell or push anything on my site that costs you money. Everything I did is free and costs only perseverance, motivation, and dedication.

Every time I tell someone about my website, I see the look on their face: Oh shit, he’s trying to sell me something. Our society is rife with people trying to make a buck of each other, especially when it comes to health and fitness. The industry around it is HUGE, and since the majority of Americans is overweight, it’s a market just screaming to be taken advantage of. Worse yet is that most of these overweight people will do anything, up to and including spending large amounts of money, to try to lose that weight. Sadly, no amount of money will help them. What they need is inside them, and costs nothing.

Will power.





The strength of character to make the decision to start, and to stop accepting being overweight as a normal or acceptable state of being.

It is my sincere goal that people find my blog and take to heart what I’m saying. What I preach here is simple: eat meats, vegetables, and fruit, and your health will improve. There are caveats: added-sugar is bad. Grains are bad. Beans and soy are bad. Yes, I say bad because in my experience, minimizing negative impacts only allows for slips or cheats that amount to sabotage. I know some people say that labeling foods as bad is a negative connotation that leads to failure, but I believe the opposite is true. Pizza is bad for me; therefore, I very rarely have any (once in two years, to be precise, and it was one of my favorite foods!).

You can do this. I’m a lazy person who used to rail against anyone who would restrict their diet in any way, regardless of the benefits. I’ve since seen the light, so to speak, and I’ve come to realize that my life is worth the inconvenience of no longer eating some of my favorite foods. What good is life when the quality is negatively impacted by the short-term gratification of eating bad foods? I’d rather live a high-quality life devoid of bad foods instead of a poor quality life full of maladies and conditions brought about by poor nutrition.

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