Visiting my Cultural Heritage (through food)

Me and my son enjoying some Hungarian fried bread called, “Lángos.”

Something I may have mentioned a time or two on this blog is that I’m a first-generation American, and that my parents came from Hungary. As such, I grew up eating a lot of Hungarian food while rarely having American food outside of school. Being part of a very small cultural minority makes it rare for me to be able to enjoy any sort of social event with people who speak my language and eat the food I grew up with. This past weekend changed that.

I was able to attend a Hungarian Cultural event in The Woodlands with my wife and my son. It was important for me to take my son, as he’s only been to one other Hungarian cultural event, and that was when he was too young to remember. He got to hear some music, meet other Hungarians, and the treat was eating lángos, pogácsa, paprikás csirke, and almás pite. Translated into English, that’s fried bread, a sort of muffin, Chicken Paprikash, and a pastry similar to apple strudel. Of course, none of this was Paleo-friendly, and while we initially struggled with justifying eating it, we decided that it was a special occasion and just ate all the food.

It was all delicious, and just as amazing as I remembered (I haven’t had many of these foods for at least two years or more). Of course, I’m up a few pounds the following day, but it was to be expected, and it’s mostly water weight. I know it’ll go away within a few days, and that I’ll get back down to my happy weight. For now, I just remember how delicious the food was, and savor the memory of eating all that good food.

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