Back to it

For over a year, I wrote articles for this blog every day. Often, I would write three, four, or up to eight articles in a day and schedule them out to give me some flexibility in my day-to-day life and to make sure that there was always a post up every morning in the event I wasn’t able to write one. That plan worked pretty well until Hurricane Harvey came to town.

As a soldier in the Texas Army National Guard, I was called to active duty to aid in the relief efforts as the State’s response to the hurricane. I was fortunate in that I worked at our armory helping to keep track of our vehicles, soldiers, locations, missions, and assisted with logistics and planning. That meant that I had catered food for two weeks, and while it was good food that oftentimes included Paleo options, there was very little spare time available for me to continue writing my PaleoMarine articles.

Well, I’m happy to say I’m back to it. Not just writing my articles, but back to my strict Paleo lifestyle. Well, it may not be considered strict to some, but I adhere to the Paleo Diet as closely as possible. I never eat grains, anything with added sugar, or beans/soy unless it’s a very special event or holiday. I never take part in cheat days or cheat meals, and I scrutinize anything that goes onto my plate.

I’m back to my regular life. I have some challenges ahead of me, but I will succeed, and I will persevere. I am happy to be back, and I hope that people find my articles to be valuable and of-use.

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