Not quite a Whole30

What I’m going through right now isn’t quite a solid Whole30, but it’s close. I’m having to re-address my serving sizes, to ensure that I’m not eating anything with added sugar, grains, beans, soy, or dairy, and I’m having to restrict the number of times I eat to get away from snacking. Even though I did a good job of eating Paleo-friendly foods over the past few weeks while I was on State Active Duty orders for the National Guard, I ate far more than I should have (and way more than I normally do) and I am certain that more than a few of the meals I ate had non-Paleo ingredients in them. When you’re working 19 hours a day, sometimes it’s hard to muster the discipline to resist a breakfast burrito with cheese.

While I’m not on a Whole30, it’s feeling like one. I definitely have some of the flu-like symptoms and the headache that accompanies it. I know what it’s from, so I know how to get past it. I know how bad it can get, but I also know how quickly I will start feeling better, having more energy, and that my body will heal and recover faster from ailments and injury. I just need to get past these first few days.

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