Hating the scale; we are not friends right now

I would prefer to weigh on the low side of 160’s, and for a while, I was there. Then, I had the Hurricane Harvey response duty, and while there, I gained some weight. Now, after 4 days, I’m still the same weight I was when I got back. I will admit to two nights of drinking this week which haven’t helped matters at all. It’s all my fault, yet I want to kick the messenger (the scale) for giving me such unhappy news.

Sunday night, I not only drank a lot, but I had a Whataburger hamburger for lunch and three slices of pizza for dinner. Why did I do this? Because it was our last day on active duty, we celebrated. A lot. I know it was way more sugar than my body is used to, and I paid for it by being puffy (waterlogged on the inside) with bloating. I was good Monday through Wednesday, but Thursday night, I had some ciders with friends I haven’t seen in a while. So… yep, weight is still up.

Then, there’s this weekend where I’m going to Austin with my wife for a weekend getaway. Guess what they have in Austin? In-n-Out Hamburgers. Guess what I will eat while I’m there? At least one, if not two hamburgers. What will that do to my weight? At best, it will keep it up. At worst, I’ll gain a little.

But it’s okay.

I know how to lose the weight, I know what it takes, and I will get it done. I’m not stressed about it, just a little disappointed.

The great news is that eating right on Paleo is pretty darned easy, and I love the food, so I won’t suffer while dropping the last 10 lbs. Again.

2 thoughts on “Hating the scale; we are not friends right now

  1. I feel ya’, man. Always sucks to backslide, and it’s so easy to do. Thanks, by the way, for all your and your fellow Marines’ work in Texas! #SemperFi (PS, I’m a Navy veteran and my oldest son is active duty Marine)

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