Vacation Food

I love In-n-Out burgers. I know that my friends in Texas will say that it is a travesty to say what I’m about to say, but here goes anyway: I prefer it 100% of the time to Whataburger. There; I said it.

This weekend, my wife and I are in Austin for a weekend getaway, and there are In-n-Out burgers here. Even though I just got off two weeks of active duty in the National Guard and ate more than I should have and I wrote extensively about how I need to get back to my 100% strict Paleo Diet, here I am in a place that has the most amazing fast-food hamburgers in the world, and… well, I was going to have one. But then I didn’t. I did, however, have some bread pudding for dessert last night as well as some alcohol. Paleo? Nope. Delicious? Absolutely. Guilt? None.

If I’ve learned anything since going Paleo is that one meal or one food item that isn’t Paleo isn’t going to kill me or make me regain the 150 lbs overnight. Will I feel ill effects? More than likely, but I’m willing to accept that for a meal that consists of a food I enjoy. It’s literally one of my favorite things, and since it’s a special weekend of sorts, I’m going to do it.

Will I eat more than one non-Paleo meal while on this weekend getaway? No. Not even an In-n-Out Single hamburger with fries and iced tea. As much as I would love to, I can’t just throw caution to the wind and go off-plan completely two days in a row. I ate the bread pudding last night; that was enough of a diversion. Now, it’s time to get back to Paleo, eat right, get back to running (now that my knee feels better) and back into the swing of being healthy and fit.

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