Getting back to brass tacks

I’m back to being strict on my diet. I am not allowing snacks, anything non-Paleo, or alcohol for the foreseeable future. I need to get my weight back down in time for Halloween, the Marine Corps Birthday Ball, and the St. Barbara’s Dining Out (my National Guard Artillery Ball). I have to look good in uniform, and the costumes I’m buying require me to be thin.

The good news (and it seems like there’s always good news there if you really look for it) is that I’m not really overweight. I’m up in weight, but my clothes still fit properly and I haven’t added holes to my belts. I just feel pudgy from the water weight, and I know that through eating properly, my body will let go of the excess water weight and allow me to get back down into the low 160’s which is where I like my weight to be.

I enjoyed the slight detour I had over the past three weeks, but now I’m paying the piper and having to go back to strict adherence to the Paleo Diet. And I’m totally okay with that. Fortunately, I love the food, and my body responds well to the diet. Now, it’s just time to make it happen.

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