The Journey Can Be Made on Different Paths

The path I chose to go down to get healthy was the Whole30 and Paleo paths. There are many others out there, but what made the most sense to me and what worked best for me has been Paleo.

I thought about it this morning, about how each different method we use to lose weight and get healthy is like a different path in the wilderness. I think back to my vacation in 2016 with Sherry to Vancouver. We went into a few different parks there and did some light hiking to view some amazing waterfalls. I had a great time and didn’t have any trouble with the trails, though I watched some other people struggle. It’s only natural; we’re not all equipped the same to tackle challenges.

I also thought about how the sights, sounds, and experiences along each path can be similar while also quite different. Each path has it’s own ups and downs, with its own unique challenges. Some of these challenges may be similar to other paths, while other challenges may be of different difficulty as compared to the others. Then, there’s also strengths and weaknesses; the same path can be easy for one person while very challenging for another.

Diets are exactly the same. For me, Paleo has been easy. It’s a simple plan that, for me, is easy to follow. I’m not challenged by temptation very often, and when I do decide to go off-plan, I do so deliberately and knowing full well the consequences. I prepare for them by adjusting my diet along the way to be able to mitigate any impact a non-Paleo element of my daily intake may have. It’s worked for me so far, and I find it works very well with my lifestyle and personality.

Others have been far more challenged with the Paleo Diet, and that’s okay. One size doesn’t fit all in clothing, music, taste, or even ability to follow a certain diet. The same could be said for following a path in a park. We need to find the way that works best for us, and then stick with it.

I am on the Paleo Diet, and it’s worked wonders for me, but I don’t believe it’s the best method for 100% of the people out there. It’s necessary for each person to find their path, the way that works best for them, and then commit to it fully to achieve their goals. Your health is important. We get one life to live. Make it the best, healthiest, and most fulfilled you can.

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