Mindful Eating?

What is this exactly? Is it counting calories? Eating in moderation? A Paleo diet? Vegetarian? It all depends on who you ask. Mindful means something different to everyone. To me, it’s (big surprise) eating in accordance with the Paleo Diet. The interesting part to me is, however, that those who eat mindfully tend to see improvements in their health and a reduction in their weight regardless of the path they take. Some routes may be faster than others, and in my opinion, even easier than others, but the end result is usually very similar.

I don’t care what you do or how you do it as long as it’s mindful. Like I said in an earlier post about the path you choose, as long as you believe in it and it makes sense, then do it. Just please don’t buy into marketing of pills, powders, patches, supplements, products, or surgical procedures. You can do this through mindful eating and some light exercise.

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