Back on the Wagon

Over the past two weeks when I wasn’t able to run, I compounded effects of a lack of activity by over eating. I didn’t eat much non-Paleo food, but I did eat a lot of food in volume. The net result was a gain of about 5 lbs that I need to get rid of now. Fortunately, I’ve been doing two things to that end: I resumed my running on Monday, and I’ve been sticking very strictly to my Paleo Diet and not eating second servings or extra helpings.

The irony of this diet is that the food is so delicious, I want to keep eating. People are afraid of the Paleo Diet because they think the food is bland or somehow not filling. This is not true! The food I’ve had since going Paleo has been among the most flavorful and satisfying foods I’ve ever eaten. The issue lies in my own behavior and actually enjoying eating. It’s this behavioral issue I constantly fight against now that I’ve tackled the poor diet. It’s a life-long issue, and I’m certain I’ll struggle with it for the rest of my life. Fortunately, I will never give up fighting it, and I will win against over-eating.

This week, I’m back. I’m eating according to plan, and I’m back out on the road burning some calories, but more importantly, rebuilding my stamina and leg muscles for speed. It’s good to be back.

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