My grandfather used to always tell me to have patience when I was undertaking any large task. When I was going to college? His only words of advice were, “Patience.” Studying for a big exam? “Patience.” Working on a big project? ”Patience.” I didn’t quite understand what he meant by that. It didn’t really make sense. Something more along the lines of, “Work harder! Study! Do your best!” all seemed like better words of advice. But, much like everything he and my grandmother ever told me, the wisdom was lost on my younger ears and now I know what he meant.

Don’t rush things. Take your time. Change will come. Just do the work.

This is very important when undertaking a lifestyle change like adopting the Paleo Diet. You can’t expect results over night. If you get quick results, it’s bonus. You will go days, weeks, and sometimes even months without noticeable progress. It will be annoying, tough, and it will test your will. Perseverance will be key. But over it all, you need to have patience. Trust in the process. Trust in the diet. Trust in yourself.

Patience. It’s an overlooked piece of the puzzle when it comes to success in getting healthy.

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