There are no big frames or big bones

I just wrote about this recently, but I heard it again today, and it reaffirmed my dislike for the terms, “Big Framed,” or “Big Boned.”

I’m not fat; I’m big-boned!

No. It’s fat.

There are no big skeletons. Nobody has oversized bones that make you look fat. Nobody.

If you are short and stout like a teapot, it’s because you are overweight. Period.

Someone today told me that they looked fat because they were so dense with muscle. I asked them what their body fat percentage was, and they said, “34%.” That’s not lean. That’s not anywhere near lean. That’s fat.

Until overweight people stop deluding themselves and lying to themselves about the condition in which they find themselves (overweight and unfit), they will never be able to tackle the core issue and solve the problem: change what you’re eating and eat less. Period.

No amount of exercise can overcome a bad diet. Lying to yourself to avoid taking responsibility for your weight doesn’t do anyone any good and makes you look less than intelligent.

Do yourself a favor: find the intestinal fortitude to look yourself in the face, admit you have a problem with food, and fix it. Only then can you begin the journey to getting healthy and losing weight.


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