Halloween: Two Years of Good Health


In two years, I went from being a big guy to being known as the “Thin guy.” While I don’t think I’m really thin, I’m definitely thinner, and much healthier (and fit!). These two photos are a reminder to me of just how far I’ve come in two years. On the left is the most recent photo of me at our 2017 Halloween Party. On the right was 2015. I was Grizzly Adams, and I had already lost roughly 20 lbs when that photo was taken.

It’s staggering to see the changes in just two years.

Waist 2015: 46″ Waist 2017: 31″
Shirt size 2015: XXL Shirt size 2017: S
Weight 2015: 290 lbs Weight 2017: 165 lbs

That doesn’t even get into all the health benefits and maladies I no longer suffer from.

You can’t achieve your goals if you don’t start. Stop putting it off, and start by making a plan and then putting that plan into motion.

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