img_6470Veracity is defined conformity to facts; accuracy or habitual honesty. I write from experience, and through information I’ve learned either first-hand (mostly) or from reading online. I strive to convey as much good information as I can through the blog posts on this site, and I work hard to answer questions as quickly and honestly as possible. Heck, I’ve even posted photos of myself all but nude. I’m an open book, and I do my best to be as completely honest about the information I give here as I can.

I was a thin and fit guy when I was young. I was an athlete. I joined the Marines and continued with good health and fitness until about half-way into my enlistment when I let my weight climb and my fitness levels decline. Although I maintained my height and weight standards and never scored below a 1st class PFT in the Marines, I wasn’t nearly as fit as I should have been. After leaving the Corps, I allowed myself to gain a monstrous amount of weight, becoming obese so quickly that my stomach and sides got stretch marks. Almost 20 years later, I got serious about my health and changed my lifestyle. The result was I lost 110 lbs in a year without exercise and another 40 lbs in the second year after I began running.

Today, I’m a healthy 50 year-old Staff Sergeant in the Army National Guard. I run at least three times a week for a minimum of 3 miles each time, and I stick to the Paleo Diet as closely as I can. From time to time, I will imbibe some alcohol with friends at a social gathering or have a dessert at a celebration, but otherwise, I’m very strict with my diet. My health has improved greatly: I am no longer a type-2 diabetic, my blood pressure is normal, my resting heart rate is (on average) between 43-47 on any given day, and I no longer suffer from fatty liver disease.

I say all this because I want you to know that I’ve walked the walk: I was a person who was healthy and allowed himself to become obese and then, through smart eating and light exercise, I lost 150 lbs and got healthy and fit again. If I could do it, a guy who all but gave up on ever being fit and healthy again, then I know you can too. That I did it without pills, patches, powders, shakes, meal plans, surgery, or any other gimmick is that much more remarkable. You don’t need to pay anyone to lose weight. You just have to use discipline, motivation, perseverance, and have patience.

If you think you can’t do it, you’re wrong. I know you can. I used to think it was impossible, too. I would have done a Whole30 and adopted the Paleo Diet years ago had someone told me about them and how effective they were. Knowing how good the food is on Paleo, and how most of the food is stuff I have been eating all my life which allows me to feel full and satisfied after meals and to experience no cravings between meals would have allowed me to take back my health sooner.

If you have questions, please feel free to message me. I don’t ask for anything but honesty.

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