Follow-up: Success Stories

One of the things that really motivates me to stay on the straight and narrow is being an example to others that it’s possible to lose weight, get fit, and stay healthy over 40. I’ve inspired many people to start eating healthy, and most have realized some real weight loss and have adopted healthier lifestyles. Knowing that I’m someone these people look to as a role model in health and fitness drives me through those moments I want to have a chocolate bar, or when I want to skip a run.

I don’t want to post anyone’s pictures or stories here without their permission, but I will try to get some success stories here on the blog to post. I’m super proud of these people, and even though they sometimes act like I’m the Paleo Police when they eat or drink something non-Paleo in my presence, I’m ecstatic that they have decided to consciously make healthier decisions when eating. That means they’ll be around longer for me to have fun with!

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