Making a hobby out of health and fitness

img_6780Something that’s happened to Sherry and I is that we’ve turned our lifestyle into hobbies. Well, I can’t speak for her on fitness being a hobby like it is for me, but I know that the cooking and food aspects of Paleo has definitely struck both of us as not only something of a necessity as part of our healthier lifestyle, but it’s crossed over into being a hobby as well.

We went from being knowledgeable about the Paleo Diet to going to Paleo|fx not just once, but twice (and likely next year, too! Or maybe Colorado for the Paleo Magazine convention?). We enjoy finding new products, companies, and restaurants that have Paleo offerings, and we enjoy sampling products and foods that are Paleo compliant. Heck, even my tooth powder and deodorant are healthier now as a result of us adopting the Paleo lifestyle.

For me, running has become something I enjoy, and something I try to learn more about all the time. While I don’t have crazy amounts of workout or running gear, I do own two pairs of good shoes, a bunch of shorts and shirts, and I track every run carefully. I analyze my runs, and compare them to previous runs. I try to utilize different techniques I learn when I read about running, and I am constantly trying to make improvements in pace or distance. I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed but I’m definitely more than casually interested; I’m a hobbyist.

Turning health and fitness into hobbies is a natural progression for people who want to continue to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Finding new recipes, restaurants, and products that are Paleo makes our lives richer, adds enjoyment, and allows us to experience new things to keep from getting bored. I have found in the past that restrictive diets get boring which leads to people falling back into old habits. So far, after over two years on Paleo, there’s nothing I want to go back to. I honestly enjoy the Paleo lifestyle so much more!

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