Daily Meal Sample

This is one of the most-asked questions I receive: what do you eat in a regular day? Here’s a list of the things I eat in a regular day with links to the recipe.


Pulled pork casserole. Sherry makes this on Sundays and lasts me an entire week. This makes breakfast super-easy and quick.


Bacon-Chorizo Meat Loaf. This is one of my all-time favorite meals. It stores well, and reheats very well. Again, Sherry does meal-prep on Sundays and can make about 6-8 meals out of it which helps us for lunches/dinners throughout the week.


We usually make a dinner after work, but on the days we are exceptionally tired, we will take one of the meal-prep meals out of the refrigerator and heat it up. A typical dinner could be anything from a couple of lobster tails grilled and served with asparagus or fajita beef that has been marinaded overnight and grilled. Sometimes, Sherry will put something in a slow cooker in the morning when she goes to work and then we will eat it for dinner.

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