The Weight Loss Trap

It’s easy to fall into a trap of, “Look what I did to lose weight! It’s so easy! You can do it too! Just send $X and I’ll tell you how!” I see ads all the time on Facebook promising the fast, easy, and BEST way to lose weight. The one thing they don’t do: tell you the full truth. So I will do it for you here, and for free: eat meat and vegetables and avoid sugar and grains.


You don’t want to do Paleo or Keto or any program or diet with a name. OK; that’s cool. I don’t care what you call it. Heck, I just call it “The way I eat to stay healthy.” It just happens to be Paleo.

Don’t fall into the trap. There are no easy and fast ways to lose weight. You have to do the work. Fortunately, that work is made simple by sticking to meat and vegetables. Stay away from anything with added sugar, grains, dairy, and alcohol.

Am I selling you anything here? Why would I spend all this time and effort in giving away free information on my blog when I could be hawking some sort of magic way to lose weight and get healthy? There are many reasons, but here are some.

  1. I have been overweight, unfit, and felt helpless. Everything I tried failed. I fell victim to marketing that sounded amazing but never delivered. I know how it feels to be in that position, and I never want to be part of doing that to anyone else.

  2. I feel amazing now. Healthy, fit, thinner, and with so much more energy. I did all this without paying anyone or taking any products aimed at health and weight loss.

  3. I believe that if everyone were taught a proper diet from childhood, we wouldn’t have the obesity epidemic we are in.

  4. I believe that everyone can be healthier and thinner if they are given the right information.

  5. I want everyone to be successful at being healthy. I found a way that works for me. I want to help others find a way that works for them because I hate seeing people unhappy and unhealthy and feeling trapped.

You didn’t have to pay anything to read this. You don’t have to pay anything to read my blog. Anything I ever will write will always be available for free here on my website. Yes, I’m writing a book, but like Whole30 or The Paleo Diet, everything can be found here online for free. My book will only condense the information and put it into a more concise and succinct package. And no, you don’t need to buy anything. Just continue reading my blog, continue searching for information about healthy diets (that don’t include sugar, grains, or dairy), and get some exercise three times a week.

The million dollar answer to the eternal question of, “How can I lose some weight safely and in a healthy way” is right here for you, and it’s free. Don’t pay for anything that promises weight loss without effort. It just isn’t true.

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