Get some rest

Study after study has shown how important sleep is to not only our mental and physical health, but it turns out it’s super-important for weight loss efficacy, too! I know first-hand that if I don’t get around seven and a half hours of sleep, I will likely not lose any weight in the night.

Eating right and having a great mindset for weight loss and better health can all be undone by not getting enough sleep. More often than not, when I’m analyzing why my weight loss has stalled, it usually comes down to one of two things: either I am not eating enough and put my body into starvation mode, or I’m not getting enough sleep. This weekend, a lack of sleep has been the culprit.

My weight is down a bit finally from it’s highest, but still not where I feel comfortable. Of course, I didn’t get enough sleep again last night, so I plan on rectifying that tonight; I’m going for a solid eight hours.

Sleep isn’t just good for your mind; it’s good for your body and it helps you lose weight. Make sure you are doing everything you can to set yourself up for success. Sleep on that!

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