I’ve been there

img_6470I was obese. I was always tired, always eating, always hungry. I felt like I was trapped and doomed to a shortened life due to my weight and failing health. When I thought that any chance for me to lose the weight was expended, I turned to Whole30 and the Paleo Diet. Those two programs saved my life.

I see the same ads on TV, Facebook, and the rest of the Internet that you see. Beautiful and sculpted bodies all telling you how to get their beautiful abs, tight stomachs, and how to lose weight to look as fantastic as they do. The problem is that many, if not the vast majority of those people, have never been obese. No, it’s not a mark of pride. I am ashamed and embarrassed that I weighed over 312 lbs at my highest. That’s horrible, and I truly wish I’d have had the education and information to have kept me from reaching that high of a weight. But my point is that those people who have never been so heavy and never had to struggle with losing it the way I did can never truly know the struggles.

I know.

That’s not to say people who have never been obese don’t have good information. Many do. But when someone who can eat just about anything in any amount and still stays thin tells someone like me who gains weight easily that I just need to, “Eat in moderation, bud,” I want to strangle them. No, “Bud,” it’s not that easy for the rest of us.

I don’t say anything here that I don’t believe, and I don’t sugarcoat any of it. I don’t like sugar (sorry for that dad joke there… but I am a dad, so…). Everything I write about is from my experience with losing over 150 lbs, 110 lbs of it without exercise. It can be done; I’m literally living proof.

And that’s the point. I am proof that an obese person can merely change their diet and lose dramatic amounts of weight and regain health and possibly years of life.

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