What I’m Eating This Week

The foods I’m eating this week are some of my favorites, and from what Sherry told me, they are not too difficult to make. All of these recipes are available on her site, Our Daily Bacon.

Beef and Chorizo Meatloaf. This is one of my very favorite recipes. I like meatloaf, but this one is very special, indeed. It marries beef and chorizo and is topped with bacon and a chipotle sauce that really makes for a flavorful and filling dish. If I could get Sherry to make this one every week, I would. Fortunately, she knows what’s best, and only makes this for me about once a month.

Chicken Tikka Masala. This is a slow-cooker recipe, and one with amazing depth of flavor and such delicious flavor. Served with cauli-rice, it’s also one of my favorites. It’s filling but feels light, and is very satisfying. This dish tastes exotic, and the aromas from it while heating it up fill the room and make my co-workers envious.

Egg Roll Bowl. This one is an interesting dish, and among my favorites. It’s basically like the insides of an egg roll but served in a bowl and without the deep fried rice wrapping. Sherry uses a Paleo friendly coconut amino teriyaki sauce in it to give it a really nice zip, and with the cabbage, is a great source of fiber which is something I sometimes struggle with in my diet as I am a heavy meat eater.

Greek Meat Balls. Oh my goodness are these delicious! Sherry makes it with lamb, and along with a Paleo tzaziki sauce, is a great light lunch that is paradoxically filling. These make great appetizers for gatherings and parties, but eaten as a meal is really filling and delicious.

Of the four dishes I’ll be eating for lunch this week, none of these require any crazy amount of time or effort to make, but it should be noted that Sherry did spend a good portion of her time on Sunday prepping these meals. If I were in the kitchen with her, it would have definitely reduced the amount of time required, so I definitely recommend some teamwork on prep days. With that said, the slow cooker meals are among the easier ones, and Sherry noted that the Egg Roll Bowl was super-simple and quick to make.

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