Mitigating the Damage

We are well within the Holiday Season now, and that means lots of parties, gatherings, and get-togethers filled with food and drink. Many, if not the vast majority of those foods and drinks are non-Paleo compliant, so what’s a Paleo guy like me to do? There’s only one thing I can do: mitigate the damage.

How do I do that successfully? It begins with the knowledge that I will gain some weight and I will be eating and drinking foods that aren’t as good for me as I normally allow. It’s the first key to being able to repair all this damage later. I need to know that it’s going to happen so that I can formulate a plan to counter the effects later.

Next, it’s directly mitigating the amount of these non-Paleo foods I will imbibe. From the foods to the drinks, I need to remember to keep the portions reasonable, and to focus on filling myself with as many Paleo compliant or Paleo-ish foods as I can and minimize the serving sizes of the non-Paleo foods. Sometimes this can’t be avoided, but where possible, minimize.

Finally, while not at a party, gathering, or get-together, I stick to a very strict Paleo diet. I eat only Paleo foods, and I drink only water, coffee, or tea. Maybe a bone broth, too, but that’s it. I’m also making sure I hit my 3-5 days of physical activity to help burn calories and strengthen my cardio ability. I know that the exercise is a drop in the bucket as it pertains to weight loss, but when it comes to mitigating weight gain from excess calories, it’s surprisingly good. That’s why a good fitness plan is good for maintaining weight while it’s not nearly as good as a primary source for losing it.

So, I’m heading into this season knowing the scale will be ugly to me. My muscles will lose some definition from the additional bloat I’m going to be experiencing, but this is all well and good, because I have a plan to drop it all after the holidays, and this is not my first rodeo. I’ve done this twice already, and I am certain that this will be an annual occurrence. With some planning and preparation, I can mitigate the damage and win the war against permanently gaining weight.

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