Holiday Party Success/Win!

I went to a holiday party this past weekend, and fortunately, our hosts had a few Paleo options available for us: Paleo crackers, and baked ham that had no sugar in it. The rest? Mostly other meats and cheeses, but I wasn’t sure of how the other meats were prepared, so I avoided them. Puffed pastry and cup cakes? I skipped those, too! I also limited my consumption to just one plate, and while I wasn’t quite as satisfied as I would have been with a standard dinner, I did feel filled up after a bit, and was able to avoid grazing at the hor d’oeuvres table. I also was able to avoid drinking alcohol, and people seemed to be understanding of that, as well.

While at the party, I observed the people and watched their eating habits. I noticed that the heavier folks tended to linger a lot longer at the table than those who were fit or thin. This is not being mean or shaming, nor is it intended to make anyone feel uncomfortable; it’s just an observation I made. I spoke to a few of the people who were avoiding the table, and I asked them what their favorite meat or cheese was as a way of asking why they weren’t imbibing like many others. The overwhelming response: they had eaten dinner because they knew they would linger at the table and end up over-eating.


I never had that kind of discipline before, and I never thought to just have a dinner prior to coming to a party with an hors d’oeuvres table. It made too much sense, and will definitely be a strategy I employ moving forward as I continue to attend holiday events and parties this holiday season.

The big win for me at this party, however, was in limiting not only my intake, but in making choices that were healthy and fit into my Paleo lifestyle. It felt good to not feel bloated and heavy the next morning!

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