My Eating Habits

I am known as the PaleoMarine, and yes, I have adopted and adhere to the Paleo Diet. I have done three Whole30’s, and I will be doing another one in January 2018. With that said, these diets work well for me, and have been sustainable and easy for me. Now, it’s just the way I eat.

Some people have difficulty sticking to any diet that has a name. Others don’t agree with the historical implications of certain diets or they don’t agree with ancestral eating. That’s okay. I suggest find something that makes sense to you, helps you attain your goals of being healthy, and stick with it. Regardless of the diet you decide upon, starting it with a Whole30 will teach you how your body reacts to different foods as you reintroduce them into your diet, and will teach you a lot about portion control, help you kick the sugar dragon, and allow you to start off with the best chance you can possibly have with a dietary clean slate.

My eating habits work for me. I have been documenting my journey with weight loss and health since I started over two years ago, and I have gained a very good knowledge about what works well for me. My wife, fortunately, responds the same way to the same foods, so the two of us can share a diet that works for both of us which makes our lives simpler. I recommend finding what works for you, and stick with it. It may be what I’m doing, or it may not. I don’t pretend to have all the answers for you. However, if what I do works for you, then cool!


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