Strict Diet vs Loose Diet

Eggs, sausage, and a pear. That was pretty strict.  No, that motor oil was not part of this breakfast.

I’ve been a bit loose with my diet over the holidays. For the past two years, the holidays caused me a lot of stress because I was in weight loss mode, and my mind had a hard time wrapping around eating non-compliant foods while trying to reach my goals. This year is different. I’m post-goal accomplished, and in maintenance mode. This has given me some freedom, and some perspective.

I have found that while my weight is up a little bit, it’s not up a lot, and it’s plateaued at a certain point. That point is still higher than I’d like it to be, but still well within my military height/weight requirements. What  is interesting to me is that with the increased calorie intake and change in food makeup (more fruits than usual), my weight has not really gotten out of control. In fact, aside from the small initial gain, it’s settled back to a spot I’m comfortable with over the holidays.

I know that my Whole30 starts January 2nd, and I know that my weight will come back down when I am on my Whole30. I also will resume my running and push ups on January 2nd (I’ve been giving some aches a chance to recover before they turn into more serious injuries), and that will help some, too. So, all in all, my head is in a good place with my current diet.

What does this mean to you? Well, it means that I’m covering some ground for you. I’m at a point now where I can experiment a bit with my diet to see how it affects me, my weight, my body composition, and how I feel. I’m happy to report that living a little outside my comfort zone in regards to my diet has resulted in only a minimal weight gain. How does this relate to you? Well, our bodies are all different, but if you’re like me, then it means that even if you’re indulging a bit over the holidays, you aren’t doing horrible, irreversible damage. You’re likely putting on a pound or two, but that will come off easily post-holidays.

I prefer the strict diet, honestly, but being able to partake in the Paleo-friendly treats has been nice. I will miss the chocolate covered orange peel candies, but I will savor the memories of enjoying them with some coffee by the fireplace. That’s what life is about: making memories.

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