I’m only human

22687841_10210465040331400_952804666486237811_nI was looking at some of my posts over the past few months, and I noticed that I sometimes bounce all over the place emotionally in my posts. I go from being concerned and stressed about my weight to feeling more comfortable and confident. It goes back and forth. As I thought about why and how this happens, I concluded it has to do with the scale.

Many are quick to point out that the scale is not the best source of monitoring your health, yet it is one we all use. It’s a very easy thing to understand: big numbers bad, small numbers good. There is so much more to our health, however, and it’s why Whole30 recommends not even using a scale while doing a Whole30.

When I don’t consider the scale, I think about how I feel, how my clothes fit, how clear my mind is, how good I feel after a long walk, etc. These are the things that should all be just as important as that number on a scale. When taking all these data points into consideration, the scale falls away to be just another measure, not the sole measure.

However, I’m only human. I slip into old routines and habits, and sometimes, that darned scale gets the best of me. I know fluctuations of up to 5 lbs is normal for me; I’ve seen it! I need to continue to work on not letting it get to me, and to think about my weight in the same way I think about my retirement fund: it’s a long-term investment that should be monitored, but only periodically.

Does this mean I will stop weighing myself every morning? I wish. I will continue to weigh myself every morning and after every run, but I need to continue to wrap my head around the scale being just another data point. I use that data to help me make decisions about my food: type, content, and amount. I also am able to monitor my water retention and expulsion.

So, when you see me writing a post about how I need to get back to brass tacks and then a post or two later I’m talking about not stressing out over a few pounds gained, remember that not only am I only human, but I’m writing this blog as a means of venting my emotions and thoughts as I travel this journey that is living a cleaner, healthier life. It’s not a straight road, but one with curves, bumps, twists, and turns. It makes for a better trip that way.

5 thoughts on “I’m only human

  1. Your insights are so helpful!

    I have always been health conscious and been interested in food and fitness. Yet remain equally affected by the ups and downs of “scaleable” measures.

    So left brained with measures of success yet right brained in our reactions. One more reason to be balanced in our approach to health.

    Thank you for your posts! They are always inspiring!

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  2. It’s a good thing that you’re aware of the scale tendancy. Food freedom certainly isn’t being chained to the scale. YET, as I am realizing from my current mode of damage control, food freedom is also certainly not forgetting the whole shabang and walking away from health consciousness at mealtime either—much as I tried to do that. (I know: flare for the obvious.) Somewhere a balance. I would gladly trade your struggle with weighing success by number with my dealing with getting this weight off again! That said, I am happy to say I’m on Day #9. #’s 7 and 8 were on plan, but Eat All The Things kinda crazy. Hope that phase ends soon…! No weight lost, but no sugar intake either. Baby steps, man.

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