Whole30 Day 8 Wrap-Up

I feel rested, energized, and much better today!

Oh, what a wonderful morning! I felt great yesterday after catching up on some sleep, and I’m pretty sure that I lost a bit of weight due to finally getting the rest my body needed. When I don’t get enough sleep, my body swells/bloats and I hold on to weight. After some solid sleep, I dropped a few lbs in a night.

Breakfast: I started the day off with a yummy favorite; two eggs sunny-side up and two slices of bacon. No fruit or veggies. I wonder if those of you who have been following along are noticing a trend with my breakfasts?

Lunch: Smoked pork ribs and Brussels Sprouts and sweet potato. Sherry smoked the ribs in cherry wood and used a Whole30-compliant rub. The result was pull-from-the-bone meat that was tasty and good for me. The Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes were baked with some salt on them and were a great addition to the meat.

Dinner: Chili. This is the Whole30 compliant chili Sherry has been making for us for the past two years, and quite honestly, it’s one of my favorite dishes anyway, so having this on my Whole30 is like not being on a Whole30 at all.

Heck, I really must say that for me, Whole30 is just normal eating without some frills or extras I may allow myself when I’m not on a Whole30. That’s the beauty of eating clean and healthy all the time. I’m reminded on this Whole30 that the Paleo Diet really is good for me, and it shows in my body composition, blood work, and weight.

As for weight, I reached another new low this morning. I’m very close to getting back into not only my comfort zone, but what I call my safety zone. That’s where I weigh low enough to fall within the height and weight standards of the Army in uniform. Normally, I have to get weighed in my thin PT shorts and a t-shirt, but I prefer to be able to just step on a scale in uniform and still be under the max weight for my height. I’m almost there!

I did get out and run last night and do my push ups. My time was very good; back to normal speed after just two runs, and my push ups were much easier this time than last week. My PFT got moved up by two months, so while I was initially a little worried, I’m no longer concerned.

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