A Week of Whole30 Complete: Headed Into Week 2


So far, so good. This is my fourth Whole30, so there were no big surprises so far. In fact, I have to say, it’s been the least eventful Whole30 I’ve done. I expected the following:

  • Some cravings in the beginning due to my bad eating over the holidays: check.
  • That things would get better within the first week in regards to how I felt and energy levels: check.
  • My weight would slowly, over time, decline with rises and falls: check (NOTE that I’m not supposed to be checking my weight on a standard Whole30. Call my Whole30 a Whole30PM (for PaleoMarine).

Things I’m looking forward to:

  • Eventual elimination of cravings.
  • Reduction in serving sizes and increased satisfaction from the reduced serving sizes.
  • Eventual moderate weight loss.

As a fourth-time traveler down the path of Whole30, this journey has been much nicer and less stressful than the first three. Sherry and I have gotten pretty good at Whole30, and we know what we can eat, what we have to avoid, and where to easily get the food we need. It also helps that most of our friends have done Whole30’s, so when we get together, they know that we’re on one, and they accommodate our dietary needs.

Bottom line: A strong, positive, and motivated mindset makes this easy. When you know what to expect, what’s coming, and how to get past things like cravings, initial low energy levels, or locating Whole30 compliant ingredients/foods, it takes away a lot of the stress people experience on a Whole30. I have the benefit of past experience, but I hope that my blog posts shed some light on the things I’ve experienced this time versus my past Whole30’s.

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