Whole30 Day 17 Wrap-Up

Day 17?!?!?! How did we get here already? This Whole30 just seems to be flying by!

I only got about 6 hours of sleep last night, so my weight moved up slightly. I could see it on my torso; water weight. I bloat a bit when I don’t get enough sleep. I also drank a few cups of tea before sleep last night. That wouldn’t cause bloating, but was a good source of water for my body to hold onto. Typically, if I sleep more than 7 hours, I exhale/sweat out a lot of water which leads to my lowest weight of the day. I need to make sure I get enough sleep tonight, if at all possible.


Breakfast: The PaleoMarine Special: Two eggs sunny-side up, two slices of sugar-free bacon. No fruit or veggies because MARINE CORPS!

file (3)

Lunch: Sherry’s amazing food prepped Indian Butter Chicken with riced cauliflower. This stuff is seriously delicious. How can people think that Whole30 is restrictive and bland when you get to eat food like this?


Dinner: Another of Sherry’s pre-prepared meals that we save up for lunch and dinners: the Mexican Taco Layer Casserole. This is the one that’s on a layer of plantains with the guacamole on top.

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